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Unveiling "Mari" – a fusion of luxury and sophistication. Delicately crafted, the off-white embroidered shirt boasts intricate handwork along the neckline, radiating elegance. Paired with sleek plain viscose pants for a polished look, and adorned with a printed silk dupatta, "Mari" offers a refined ensemble that transcends trends.


"Skye" – a vision of elegance and sophistication. Our Blue Silk Printed Shirt and Dupatta feature intricate handwork, showcasing a stunning Zardozi neckline for a touch of opulence. Paired with crisp white pants adorned with a delicate lace border, "Skye" exudes timeless charm and effortless grace.


"Tilly" – a vibrant symphony of colors and elegance. The Pink, Lime, and Orange Colored Printed Shirt and Dupatta feature a delightful fusion of hues, accentuated by a lightly embellished neckline for a touch of sophistication. Paired with bootcut white pants, "Tilly" exudes effortless charm and timeless style.


Elevate your wardrobe with Camilla – where every detail speaks volumes of refinement. Our silk print shirt boasts intricate designs, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style. Paired with a luxurious silk dupatta and sleek black trousers, this ensemble exudes timeless elegance for any occasion.


"Ines" – a symphony of style and grace. The Silk Print Shirt and matching Dupatta showcase a timeless White and Black dotted print, intricately handcrafted for a touch of artisanal charm. Adorned with an embellished neckline, this ensemble exudes sophistication. Paired with plain black pants, "Ines" offers effortless elegance for any occasion, making a statement that is both chic and refined.


"Lana" – a fusion of comfort and sophistication. Our Silk Print Shirt pairs seamlessly with the Blue Cotton Net Machine Embroidered Shirt, offering a blend of luxury and contemporary style. Accompanied by loose culottes for a relaxed yet elegant silhouette, and a printed silk dupatta for a touch of flair


"Lila" – a symbol of understated luxury and intricate craftsmanship. The off-white Printed Shirt and Dupatta are adorned with a heavily handworked neckline, exuding timeless elegance and sophistication. Paired with matching off-white pants featuring a delicate lace border, "Lila" offers a graceful ensemble perfect for any occasion.


"Diane" – a captivating blend of rich hues and subtle elegance. The dull maroon, orange, and blue Silk Shirt and Dupatta create a mesmerizing ensemble, perfect for making a statement. Paired with navy blue pants featuring a lightly embellished neckline, "Diane" offers a sophisticated and refined look, ideal for both formal and casual occasions.


"Lelia" – a celebration of elegance and femininity. The Pink Dotted Shirt, adorned with an embroidered neckline, exudes charm and sophistication. Paired with a delicate Pink Organza Dupatta featuring exquisite embroidery on the sides, and complemented by white bootcut pants, "Lelia" offers a timeless ensemble that effortlessly captures attention and admiration.


"Ella" – a fusion of elegance and comfort. The Pink and Blue Silk Printed Shirt and Dupatta exude sophistication, while the loosely fitted white pants offer a relaxed yet stylish silhouette. Accentuated with delicate white lace, the dupatta adds a touch of grace and refinement to this ensemble.

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